Community Day Event Cancelled

It is never easy to deliver unfortunate news. But I believe in transparency, honesty, and accountability, and for that reason, unfortunately, I must announce with a heavy heart that Nuelife Naturals will be canceling its involve with this year's Community Day event in the Mechanicsburg PA. Due to unfortunate unforeseen circumstances, the business will be ceasing operations.

For the time being Nuelife Naturals will be closing its doors for business as I reconsider course. This blog will remain at this address and the Facebook Page will remain active. For now, this will be a community to share information about natural and healthy lifestyles.

Fans are welcome to continue enjoying Nuelife Naturals as an informational blog as the brand maintains an online presence.

As for Candles of Hope that program also remains in planning. My hope is to continue Candles of Hope as an ongoing effort to benefit the community and to help those in need.

For now, candles will be available for sale through my Fiverr gig at

As always 100% of all money I make from this gig (after Fiverr's 20% fee) will be donated directly to Friends of Puerto Rico in their efforts to aid with the ongoing recovery, which even all this time later is still ongoing.

The $25 Healthy Grocer and Wegmans Giftcards will also be available for sale  for $15 each that money, also will be donated to benefit Puerto Rico as well. If interested you may contact me at

In any case, I thank you for your interest in this page and business and hope you will continue to enjoy the content I produce.

Thank you,

-Dave Beaver
Nuelife Naturals

4 Ways to Use Aloevera This Summer

In the summer you may start seeing a prickly, mysterious green stem in your local produce section, or you may be hearing about it more online or on social media. They are also easy to grow and keep at home, and since the Aloe vera is a cactus plant you barely ever have to water it. So here are few practical ways to get your summer season started, and finished to the end with the amazing aloe vera plant.

A Cure for Sunburn
You always want to be careful in the sun. Sunburn is no day on the beach, and excess exposure to ultraviolet rays can cause skin cancer. It's always best to use protection and preventative measures. Sunscreen or suntan lotion is a must for a long day outdoors of work or play, but when sunburn does still occur aloe vera is the perfect cure. It's also moisturizing and soothing to the skin.

 A Bugbite Treatment 
Aloe vera is a great treatment for those pesky bug bites should your bug repellent fail you. You can try to keep the bugs away with natural scents like lavender, patchouli, peppermint, and/or rosemary, but if all else fails you may need to treat the itchy spot. For a perfect cure combine aloe vera gel with lavender and peppermint oils to soothe instantly and heal over time.  

Treating Wounds
Whether you're on a long hike or out in the field throwing a ball around you are bound to get some scrapes and cuts along the way. Many ancient cultures have used aloe vera in the treatment of open cuts and wounds, and it would seem the belief in the practice has prevailed for thousands of years. There is no conclusive scientific research but it remains commonly used for treating certain cuts and abrasions and has been hailed by many for its beneficial effects to the skin. It also has many antioxidant and antibacterial properties, and for many seems to sooth the pain, making it a potentially commonsense injury treatment tool.

A Nice Cold Drink or Snack
Not only can aloe vera be smoothing and hydrating but it carries many health benefits in the form of a delicious aloe vera pulp filled drink or in raw pulp. The aloe vera pulp or "gel" can be eaten as a source of antioxidants, a number of vitamins and minerals, anti-inflammatory properties, and some digestion aids. Just remember not to eat the solid skin or "latex" as it not only posessive laxatives qualities but can be unhealthy.

Please note nothing on this blog has been evaluated by the FDA nor should be construed as medical advice or used in the treatment, prevention, or curing of conditions or diseases. Always ask a qualified doctor before making decisions about your health.  

5 Natural Remedies for Motion Sickness

Have you thought about going on a cruise this summer or a long road trip? If you suffer from motion sickness in general you may have reason to be concern. This can turn a family vacation or an otherwise enjoyable tripe into a nightmare. Many have turned to medication, both prescribed and over-the-counter, but for less severe cases there are many who have reported success with a few natural remedies you may already have at home.

Gingerale, ginger tea, and even ginger candies have all been recommended for those dizzy spells and in their prevention. Take a little ginger with you wherever you go. Though it can be good for an upset stomach it has been used by most as a preventative treatment,so make sure to get some in your system before you hit the road.

Special Measures
You may be able to prevent motion sickness by taking certain precautionary measures leading up to your trip. Limiting your intake of food, alcoholic beverages, and other substances that may upset the stomach before you take your trip. You may also want to try and position yourself accordingly. You may do this by taking test rides to determine which allows you experience the least motion.

Some have also turned to other coping mechanicsms like avoiding visual contact with the road or any close objects. Sometimes it's best to keep your eyes closed altogether. Some evidence has shown, however, that drivers are less likely to experience motion sickness on car rides. This is because their brains are partially focused on the task at hand rather than stomach tickle, road bump, and moving object. You may want to find a distraction.

Pressure Points
You may be able to experience effective results by learning about your pressure points and how to use them, especially in the most dizzying of times. Some have even turned to sea bands, a product specially designed to utilize pressure points to help cope with sea sickness

Hydrating with Water or Herbal Tea
Dehydration can be both a cause and a result of certain nauseous symptoms. Staying hydrated may be a major step towards preventing motion sickness. Chamomile tea may also help to settle the stomach, and as a natural sedative may help to ease the anxiety of the mind that may also cotribute to the motion sickness. Peppermint tea is great for a light head too. You may also use peppermint essential oils in aromatherapy.   

Licorice root has been shown in some research to help with motion sickness, you probably won't get what you need from sugary licorice candies, however. Instead you may want to consider investing in licorice tablets, to give you the healthy boost you need.

Please note nothing on this blog has been evaluated by the FDA nor should be construed as medical advice or used in the treatment, prevention, or curing of conditions or diseases. Always ask a qualified doctor before making decisions about your health.  


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