Candles of Hope for Puerto Rico

Nuelife Naturals will soon be launching  its efforts in inviting the community to participate in Candles of Hope, which will be raising money for various causes through the sale of of all natural tealight candles made from beeswax. 100% of all sales and proceeds from these candles will at this time will be donated to benefit Friends of Puerto Rico and their recovery fund, which will be dedicated to rebuilding after the devestating effects of Hurricane Maria. I will be providing proof of each donation and posting it here on this blog along with updates about how much we have raised together to provide for this worthy endeavor as a show of good stewardship. Donations and updates will also be posted on the Facebook Page to keep customers, participants, and fans up to date.

Candles of Hope will be available on the online store and on the Facebook store once these have launched no later than April 28th.

In the local community Nuelife Naturals will also be present at the Earth Day Festival in Mechanicsburg Pennsylvania near Market and Simpson Street on April 21st 2018 starting at 9AM. Along with the businesses other products Candles of Hope will be available there as well, and there will be a raffle to raise money for the same cause. Tickets for the raffle will be $1 each with a maximum of up three entries per person. The winner will receive a small gift bag with one of each of three products that will be available for sale along with small samples to share with a friend or keep for yourself if you so choose. Finally the winner will receieve a Golden Candle of Hope, a full size candle like the one pictured below. In addition Entries for that will be a minimum of one dollar each, but participants are encourage to donate what they can. The winner will be contacted by email or phone depending the information they provide. The products they win will included Nuelife Natural's Coco Lavender lotion, Peppermint Dreams Organic toothpaste, and its all natural sweet orange lipbalm.

I want to thank each of you personally who chooses to participate and help raise funds for this cause. I know that together we can make a difference and change somebody's life!

-David B. Beaver
Nuelife Naturals

Free All Natural Lotion: The Giveaway Continues

free all-natural lotion

Nuelife Naturals is continuing and expanding its lotion giveaway. The company has been giving away free 4 oz. containers of Nuelife Naturals' all natural Coco-Lavender Lotion and will be continuing to do so while supplies last. This free all-natural lotion giveaway will continue until April 20th, but only while I still have product left to disperse so act quickly.

Supplies are limited and I only have about 20 containers left to give away so claim your free all-natural lotion today. As part of this giveaway, you will also receive an opportunity to win a second one for free as well. Just send a selfie to with you holding your free all-natural lotion for me to post on the website and Facebook Page and you will be entered for a free drawing. Remember to let me know what addressing I'll be shipping your lotion to and it will be on its way. The winner of the drawing will be announced on the Facebook Page and on this blog before April 28th when I will be relaunching the online store and announcing the winner via live video on Facebook.

Here's one satisfied customer who's already tried some of her own! So what are you waiting for, send me an email and claim your free all-natural lotion today, this smile could be your smile too, and it's all-natural!

Free all-natural lotion

Candles of Hope Update:

So far Nuelife Naturals has raised only $6 through the Candles of Hope of program, but every little bit counts. The program still continues however as this business remains committed to giving back to the community.

To this endeavor Nuelife Naturals has been selling all natural beeswax tealight candles in order to raise money for victims effected by recent hurricanes. Thanks to the Rosemary House (located in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania) for featuring our Candles at their Tea Festival we were able to raise some cash. For the $10 minimum donation the Red Cross requires for online transactions I have covered the difference. Below you will see a screenshot of the letter confirming the donation as proof of the transaction.

That being said Nuelife Naturals' Candles of Hope program will now be turning its efforts to raising funds for those effected by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico as they struggle to rebuild and restore normalcy. Nuelife Naturals will be exploring organizations to partner with as this continues our fundraising endeavors to benefit the community.

You will be updated here on the website and of course our Facebook, Nuelife Naturals as progress continues on this. Meanwhile the candles will be available on this online store when it launches no later than April 28th of 2018. Meanwhile the candles and opportunity to provide donations for this cause will also be available at the Earth Day Festival in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania on April 21st starting at 10 AM. Nuelife Naturals will be there. Booth location to be announced.

Thank you for supporting these efforts and as always for visiting Nuelife Naturals. 

-David B. Beaver
Nuelife Naturals

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